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F Paul Gazelka (R - MN)

In line with his previous negative comments about marijuana (see below), Senator Gazelka proclaimed that the MN Senate would not consider marijuana legalization in 2020 

Holds office State Senate District 9

Position on Marijuana Legalization
Does not consider legalization a priority and is critical of the potential effects of cannabis. Link

"Legalizing recreational marijuana is not something I would consider a priority issue. Due to it's linkage to mental health problems, driving accidents, and impaired teen brain development, I don't think it has a chance to pass the Senate this year." 1/28/2019

“It’s important to consider the many negative consequences that come with legalizing recreational marijuana." Link

Contact Paul Gazelka

Email: info@gazelkaforsenate.com

Web: http://www.gazelkaforsenate.com

Phone: 651-296-4875


95 University Avenue West Minnesota Senate Building, Room 3113

Saint Paul, MN 55155

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