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C Kent Eken (D - MN)

Holds office State Senate District 4

"I was the one that carried the legislation to start a pilot program for industrial hemp. I think it's important to point out that hemp has been made illegal, placed on the list of narcotics and drugs, even though you can't get high on hemp. It's impossible to get high on hemp. But it was placed on that list because it is related to marijuana, which you can get high from. It's a cousin of industrial hemp, if you will. But I've said in the past that make hemp illegal because it resembles marijuana or is related to marijuana. Be like throwing someone in jail because they look like a cousin who committed a crime. It's not right. And industrial hemp is one of the most versatile crops there is for agriculture." 6/26/17

Contact Kent Eken

Email: sen.kent.eken@senate.mn

Web: http://www.senate.mn/members/member_bio.php?mem_id=1195

Phone: 651-296-3205


95 University Avenue West Minnesota Senate Building, Room 2211

Saint Paul, MN 55155

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