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C Mike Parson (R - MO)

The Parson administration has overseen the establishment of the state’s medical cannabis access program, which was approved by voters in November 2018. Regulators have approved over 17,000 patients into the program, which is expected to become fully operational later this year. (Link)

Holds office Governor


In response to Biden's pardoning: “Gov. Parson has used his state constitutional authority to grant pardons to individuals who demonstrate a changed life-style, commitment to rehabilitation, contrition and contribution to their communities — rather than as a blanket approach to undermine existing law,” his spokeswoman said. 10/7/2022

“I think that thing’s a disaster,” Parson told reporters in Kansas City when asked if he supported the Nov. 8 ballot question that will ask voters whether to amend the state constitution to legalize recreational marijuana. “I guarantee you this has been written probably by lawyers... and none of us in this state is going to be able to understand 450 pages of what it all means.” (8/23/22)

When asked the question, "Do you think that recreational marijuana could be in the future for Missouri?”, Gov. Parsons responded: “Oh I’m sure there’s going to be discussion about that in the future you know right now I think we’ve got all we can worry about with Medical Marijuana. Trying to figure out how we’re going to implement that and so right now we’re focused on that. We’re not even having a conversation about recreational marijuana.” (2019)

Parson, in an interview, said he doesn’t favor legal marijuana for recreational purposes but sees medical use in a different light. The participation of the Veterans Alliance for Compassionate Access doesn’t mean he endorses their views, he said, but he added that it is time to debate the issue.

“What we are trying to do that day, it is for all veterans and advocacy groups,” Parson said. “The medical marijuana deal is not going away. The medical marijuana, I don’t have much problem with that.” 10/25/17


2021: Provides Tax Relief to Medical Marijuana Businesses, SB 226
2020: Requires Employees of Medical Marijuana Businesses to Submit Fingerprints for Criminal Background Checks, HB 1896
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