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D Tate Reeves (R - MS) NO MEDICAL USE

Holds office Governor


“I’m very pleased that we got to see so much progress made in improving the bill over the last six months. We worked hard to reduce the overall amount of marijuana in the bill, and to the legislature’s credit, they made a lot of progress there [...] It was said on the floor of the Senate a couple of weeks ago, this is the 46th version of the bill. My team has been working with the legislature on this for almost six months now since the Supreme Court acted in early summer of last year. Every change they made, they were moving it more in the direction of what we could get comfortable with. The bill is thick, and so we’re going to have lawyers read through it over the next few days and we’ll make a decision by early next week.” 1/26/2022

“As a father of three girls, I’m going to vote against the amendment that’s on the ballot next year [to legalize medical cannabis access]. If I am elected governor and the people of Mississippi decide to vote a different way than I do then I’m going to uphold the will of the people.” (Link) 2019

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Email: governor@govreeves.ms.gov

Web: https://governorreeves.ms.gov

Phone: 601-359-3150


Post Office Box 139

Jackson, MS 39205

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