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F Timothy Moore (R - NC) NO MEDICAL USE

WRAL 6/12/22:

Shortly after the medical marijuana bill cleared the Senate, GOP House Speaker Tim Moore said he opposes the legislation and doesn’t plan to consider it as the legislative session winds down this month. He also declined to say whether his chamber would hold a vote in the future.

“I want to see where our folks are on it. I really do,” Moore said. “That one has just kind of been thrown down, and I don't see an appetite to take that up in the shorter session. As far as the long session, I won't say one way or the other."

Holds office State House District 111

Position on Medical Marijuana

6/5/22 Interview with Travis Fain of WRAL:

(Starts at ~23:23 in video)

"You know, there's uh there there are a lot of concerns with with this bill right now and I think it's something that's going to really require again, further study. This is again, it was an idea that the Senate brought this bill very quickly to the floor. This is one of the more controversial subjects, uh, in our in our state and in our nation. And I like many do recognize there are some medical conditions where, you know, the data is out there, that this could be helpful in certain limited instances. As you know, we have actually passed legislation to allow CBD uh, there is there is a population, a lot of children that suffer from epilepsy and other conditions where this is helpful. So there are some conditions out there that can be helpful. There's already some other medications that don't have the THC compounds that do appear to be remedying this as well. That are, that are legal under federal law and state law and legal under the hemp legislation that we just extended as well by a pretty significant vote this week. So, but I think when you take that next leap into actual medical marijuana, there are a host of other issues there. Uh, the biggest concern is, as you know, the abuse of it is how easy is it for someone to get quote diagnosed and prescribed. Uh, this, this is a medication and I think that there need to be a lot of precautions in place. But if you look at where the reality is this, where you have expanded the use of marijuana, you have more impairment issues in terms of the vehicles, you have more petty crimes that happened in certain areas. You have more instances in certain cases of domestic violence. So there's a lot of things that have to be dealt with because the nature of this drug is that it impairs individuals. And so anytime you're gonna go down this road and it really needs to be thoughtful." 


F Public opposition to significant marijuana law reform (adult use, medical, and/or decriminalization) but may have sponsored and/or voted in favor of CBD/Hemp specific bills.

Moore was Chair of the Committee on Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House in 2013 when that Committee gave H84-Enact Medical Cannabis Act an unvavorable report. Moore has been Speaker of the House since 2015. His office referred HB78-Enact Medical Cannabis Act (H78 also received an unfavorable report), H185-Legalize Medical Marijuana, H994-Revise Marijuana Laws, H766-Revise Marijuana Laws, and H1143-Modify Tax On Marijuana Products to the Committee on Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House. H317-Medical Marijuana For Termially Ill Patients was referred to the Committee on Judiciary I, and H401-Enact Medical Cannabis Act was referred to the Committee on Health. 

Voting History:

SB 124 LEO Managed CBD Oil Drop Box: YES - 2018 

HB 992/SB 771 Amend Industrial Hemp Definition: YES - 2016 

SB 313 Industrial Hemp: DID NOT VOTE - 2015 

HB 766 Amend Cannabidiol Oil Statute: YES - 2015

HB 1220 Hope 4 Haley and Friends: YES - 2014 


Contact Timothy Moore

Email: info@timmoorenc.com

Web: https://www.timmoorenc.com/

Phone: 919-733-3451


North Carolina House of Representatives 16 West Jones Street, Room 2304

Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

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