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D+ Maggie Hassan (D - NH) MEDICAL USE

Hassan supports medical marijuana for those with severe health issues, but opposes any form of recreational use or legalization, despite prior admittance on a morning talk show to using the plant recreationally in the past herself. 

Holds office U.S. Senate


As Governor in NH in 2016, Hassan vetoed a bill that would have decriminalized marijuana possession.

As Governor in NH in 2014, Hassan said during her State of the State Address, "Legalizing marijuana won't help us address our substance use challenge. Experience and data suggests it will do just the opposite. Marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Our state already has one of the highest rates of marijuana use by young people in the country, and marijuana has real, negative health effects, especially on adolescents. The evidence suggests that legalizing marijuana will increase the number of minors who use this drug, will make our workforce less productive and our roads less safe, and will undermine public health." (2/6/14)

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Email: info@maggiehassan.com

Web: https://www.hassan.senate.gov/

Phone: 202-224-3324


324 Hart Senate Office Building

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