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C Kevin Cramer (R - ND) MEDICAL USE

Senator Cramer is pro-states rights and pro-medical marijuana, while remaining anti-recreational marijuana. 

Holds office U.S. Senate

Candidate in race for U.S. Senate on Tuesday, June 11, 2024


"The inability of state-legalized cannabis businesses to access banking services is dangerous. Operating as a cash-only enterprise is perfectly fine for my grandkids’ lemonade stand, but it is inadequate for an industry this controversial." (September 27, 2023).

"While I am concerned about the potential for abuse within the marijuana industry, SAFER Banking is designed to protect employees and businesses by providing them avenues to bank like other legal businesses." (September 20, 2023).

"I helped introduce the STATES Act with @SenCoryGardner and @SenWarren to ensure each state has the right to determine the best approach to marijuana within its own borders." (April 5, 2019).

Cramer said he supported medical marijuana when it was on the ballot and passed two years ago but will vote against its recreational use.

“Personally, I hate the idea of more legal drugs,” he said. 10/31/18 https://apnews.com/78164b73537e4e2b8c64fda3af894446

When asked about legalization marijuana, Cramer said:
To be clear, Cramer is not in favor of legalizing marijuana. "I'm such a prude, if I could I'd role it back so we couldn't have booze," he told me. But that doesn't mean he's against changing federal law so that the various states can figure out how they want to handle marijuana on their own.

Calling current federal law "clumsy," he said it may be time to "leave it up to the states."

"Philosophically I don't have a problem with states making that determination," he said, though he added that he'd be "disappointed" if North Dakota voters legalized marijuana.


Veterans Equal Access Amendment
McClintock/Polis Amendment
Rohrabacher/Farr Amendment
Veterans Equal Access Amendment
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