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? Kim Thatcher (R - OR)
1. Will you support legislation that would increase safe, affordable access to patients? 2. Will you support legislation to license and regulate cannabis consumption lounges? 3. Will you support legislation to end discriminatory practices against cannabis consumers in the workplace and housing market? 4. Will you support legislation to regulate cannabis producers and processors like breweries and wineries so they may give tours of their facility, provide samples and sell directly to consumers so long as they charge and collect taxes? (keep in mind the law requires all areas of the premises to be on camera) 5. Will you support Oregon NORML's efforts to push for federal decriminalization and descheduling of the cannabis plant? As far as all of the questions below are concerned, the devil is in the details as far as supporting the concepts... or not. However, before many of these issues can even begin to be addressed, there are a couple things that would make sense to focus on: 1) Getting the federal government to reschedule cannabis. Having it listed as a Schedule 1 drug makes little sense. 2) There needs to be a meaningful and legally recognized standard for determining actual impairment from THC not just measuring the mere presence of it in one’s system. When both of these items are addressed, it will make it much more practical and palatable to address the other issues. For what it’s worth...

Holds office State Senate District 13

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Email: Sen.KimThatcher@oregonlegislature.gov

Web: http://www.oregonlegislature.gov/thatcher

Phone: 503-986-1713


900 Court Street Northeast, S-307

Salem, OR 97301

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