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Candidate in race for Governor on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Governor McMaster has previously expressed his opposition toward the legalization of marijuana for adult-use. He has also failed to voice support for proposed medical marijuana access legislation. He did not make any prominent statements in 2019 to indicate that he has changed these positions. (Link)

Sponsored Legislation

H 3559: To permit the Department of Agriculture to license the cultivation of industrial hemp for research and development purposes (2017)


“It is the consistent opinion of law enforcement that it would be a detriment to society, to law enforcement, to open the door to that,” McMaster said during an October 2018 debate, adding that legalizing marijuana for medical purposes would put the Palmetto State in “very dangerous territory.” 7/14/21

While campaigning for re-election in 2018, Gov. McMaster affirmed that he opposes legalizing marijuana for adult use, stating, “Law enforcement officials have made it clear that we are not in a position to appropriately regulate medical marijuana.” (10/14/2018) (Link)

On medical marijuana, GOP Gov. @henrymcmaster says he can't support it when SC law enforcement officials say it would be a "detriment to society." (10/25/28

“When law enforcement is satisfied that it can be controlled, that is a different story.”

In an interview with ABC Columbia, McMaster was asked about legalization in South Carolina. "From what I have learned about, and what I know and what I've seen, it's a bad idea to legalize marijuana. It would hurt the people, particularly the young people." (2/16/17

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