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D+ Greg Abbott (R - TX)

Governor Abbott signed the Compassionate Use Act in 2015, but with high dispensary application fees (still at half a million annually) through DPS the program is too restrictive and expensive for the epileptic children and adults it was intended for. In his debate with Lupe Valdez the Governor suggested he is open to depenalizing marijuana charges under two ounces to a class C misdemeanor during the 2019 legislative session. 

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Governor Abbott signed legislation into law, House Bill 3703, expanding the pool of patients eligible to participate in the state’s CBD access program. That program licenses providers to produce and dispense plant-derived CBD products. In October, however, the Texas Department of Public Safety abruptly ceased accepting licenses for those seeking to dispense CBD products to qualified patients. (Link)


"I have signed several laws that have expanded marijuana for medical purposes, such as cancer, PTSD, and epilepsy. I also believe that prison and jail is a place for dangerous criminals who may harm someone. Possession of a small amount of marijuana is not the type of violation that we want to stockpile jails with. So, I have advocated to make possession of small amounts of marijuana a Class C misdemeanor like a traffic ticket." 10/22/2022

“It is a drug,” he said. “That’s dope. That’s dope, that is the way I look at it. No, it should not be legalized." 5/17/22

Governor Abbott has expressed a willingness to consider legislation decriminalizing low-level marijuana possession offenses, but has also publicly criticized efforts by some local District Attorneys to cease filing cannabis possession prosecutions. (Link)

Despite his past opposition to legalization, Gov. Abbott has recently suggested that he is willing to consider legislation to reduce the penalties for minor marijuana possession offenses, stating, “One thing I don’t want to see is jails stockpiled with people who have possession of small amounts of marijuana.” (10/2/18) (Link)

"Governor Abbott opposes the legalization of marijuana in the State of Texas." (11/15/16

"I remain convinced that Texas should not legalize marijuana nor should Texas open the door for conventional marijuana to be used for medical or medicinal purposes. As governor I will not allow it." (6/1/15

2021: Expands the Texas Compassionate Use Program, HB 1535
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