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D+ Don Pridemore (R - WI)

Candidate in race for State Assembly District 98 on Tuesday, August 13, 2024


The Pridemore campaign did contact me to definitely let me know their opposition to “recreational marijuana”. I prefer the term adult use cannabis and after a few messages about the issue, I followed up with his campaign with a link to the 2019-2020 Wisconsin Senate Bill 507, the bi-partisan medical marijuana that allowed home / caregiver growing and allowed use of smoking products and asked if that is the type of legislation he would support. I will let you know if he answers.

Pridemore, 74, served in the state Assembly from 2005 to 2015 when he retired. He has not authored or co-sponsored legislation on marijuana while in office. He made some news in 2007 when proposing a resolution limiting state officials to a dozen consecutive years in the same office.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission on Jan 15th, 2021 voted to allow on the ballot of Pridemore, former lawmaker running for a vacancy in the state Senate, rejecting a challenge that he doesn’t live in the district.

Former state Rep. Don Pridemore, a Republican, filed to run for an April 6 special election to fill the state Senate seat that is vacant due to Scott Fitzgerald’s election to Congress. But Pridemore’s filing was challenged by someone who alleges the Hartford address Pridemore put on his nomination papers is not where he actually lives. The complaint alleged that Pridemore lives outside of the Senate district.

Pridemore told the elections commission that the address on his nomination papers is an apartment that he rents in the Senate district. He provided a copy of his rental lease.

The commission, split evenly between Republicans and Democrats, voted unanimously to allow Pridemore to be on the ballot.

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Position on Medical Marijuana

"would need to be given careful consideration"

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