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Rep. Krug could do a much better job communicating with constituents in the district about the issue.    We have mixed reports from people in his district on what Krug is willing to support.   What we do know for sure is that shortly after being re-elected in 2018 he announced to expect Republican bill(s) this session on medical marijuana but as the session lingered on and constituents contacted him, he seemed to be silent.   

His Senate District is that of fellow Republican Testin, who did sponsor the Bi-partisan Medical Marijuana Bill that allows home grow and smoking products.  He was also a late comer to the game on the Republican bill it seems and was not an author or original sponsor in 2019, but was an original bill co-sponsor of medical marijuana in 2021-22.

Holds office State Assembly District 72

  • Born Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, September 16, 1975; married; 6 children.
  • Graduate Lincoln High School, 1993; attended University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; A.D. Mid-State Technical College, 1999; B.A.S. in Psychology, University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, 2008.
  • Employment and training specialist. Former Wood County drug court coordinator, jail discharge planner; Juneau County sheriff’s deputy.
  • Member: Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce; Wisconsin Rapids Rotary.
  • Recipient: Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group Legislator of the Year Award 2014; Dairy Business Association Legislative Excellence Award 2014, 2012; Wisconsin Paper Council Legislator of the Year 2014; Child Support Enforcement Association Legislator of the Year 2014; League of Conservation Voters Honor Roll 2014; Wisconsin Troopers Association Legislator of the Year 2014; Wisconsin Counties Association Outstanding Legislator 2014; WMC Working for Wisconsin Award 2016, 2014, 2012; Third Congressional District State Legislator of the Year 2012.
  • Elected to Assembly since 2010.

Member of Transportation Projects Commission

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Jan 2019 Neither representative endorsed the legalization of pot for recreational uses. “I would say that right now Wisconsin is not ready to go for recreational marijuana. I don’t think that’s something we are looking at,” said Krug.

Position on Medical Marijuana

Jan 2019 During a news conference introducing a proposed tax break for middle-class residents, Representatives Scott Krug of Nekoosa said he can see the benefits of the drug.

“It gives families a chance to have options of their own choosing without having to worry about government jumping into their health care all the time,” said Krug, who worked with Democrats to help write the state’s first CBD oil bills. “Freedom in health care really plays well into the argument for CBD oil and a medical marijuana system that’s regulated through medical practices.”

“We will see some Republican-sponsored bills this session on medical marijuana,” added Krug.

Contact Scott Krug

Email: Rep.Krug@legis.wisconsin.gov

Web: https://legis.wisconsin.gov/assembly/72/krug

Phone: 608-266-0215


State Capitol, Room 223 North Post Office Box 8952

Madison, WI 53708

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