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Joe Biden has a history of supporting anti-drug, tough on crime policies as well as those that imposed punitive penalties for drug offenses and facilitated discrimnation against drug users.

His current criminal justice reform plan includes provisions that would decriminalize the use of cannabis and automatically expunge all prior cannabis use convictions. Read more at https://joebiden.com/justice/ 

  • “Getting caught for smoking marijuana when you’re young surely shouldn’t deny you, the rest your life, being able to have a good paying job or a career or a loan or an ability to rent an apartment…. Right now, that criminal record is the weight that holds back too many people of color, and many whites as well.” 7/29/20 (Source)
  • “…If you are in prison, if you are convicted of a crime, no one should be going to jail for drug crime. Nobody. Particularly marijuana which makes no sense for people to go to jail. They should be just wiped out completely and the reason is, if anything for those crimes that are actually continue to be crime, scheduled crimes as marijuana shouldn’t be anymore, what is happening is you shouldn’t go to prison. You should go to a mandatory rehabilitation. It costs less to put people in a drug rehabilitation program than it does in jail and you have a chance. We’ve got to give people a chance.” 5/20/20 (Source)

“When you talk about marijuana, everybody says, ‘Biden says it’s a gateway drug,’” the 2020 presidential candidate lamented in an interview with The Shade Room that was published on Tuesday. “I don’t think it’s a gateway drug.” (3/6/2020)

A spokesperson for Joe Biden said he “supports decriminalizing marijuana and automatically expunging prior criminal records for marijuana possession, so those affected don’t have to figure out how to petition for it or pay for a lawyer.”

“He would allow states to continue to make their own choices regarding legalization and would seek to make it easier to conduct research on marijuana’s positive and negative health impacts by rescheduling it as a schedule 2 drug.” (5/19/19)

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