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F Brad Little (R - ID)

Governor Little has historically been opposed to most all marijuana liberalization proposals, including those specific to medical cannabis access and industrial hemp production.

Holds office Governor

Position on Marijuana Legalization
Opposed to legalization Link, Link 2


"Brad Little on full recreational marijuana legalization: Go on the streets of Portland. Go on the streets of Seattle. Go on the streets of Denver. We don't want Idaho to become like that. #idaho #idpol" 10/29/18

If Idahoans want legal marijuana, “they elected the wrong guy as governor." (4/23/19) (Link)

Governor Little has expressed concerns that permitting hemp cultivation would serve as a “camouflage for the marijuana trade.” (1/3/19) (Link)

He supports a pilot program permitting the use of CBD only in specific clinical trials and opposes its broader legalization. (9/24/18) (Link)

Governor Little is on record opposing the legalization of marijuana for adult use. (9/17/17) (Link)




Contact Brad Little

Email: governor@gov.idaho.gov

Web: https://gov.idaho.gov/

Phone: 208-334-2100


State Capitol Post Office Box 83720

Boise, ID 83720

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