Politician Info
B+ Wayne Fontana (D - PA) MEDICAL USE

Holds office State Senate District 42

Co-sponsored Legislation

S.B.3 - Establishes Medical Marijuana Program of 2015

S.B.1182 - The Medical Marijuana Act of 2014


Democratic Pa. Senator Wayne D. Fontana, who's based in Brookline and who represents the state's 42nd Senatorial District, said there's no reason to wait for either marijuana's federal reclassification or a "full vetting" by the state.

"If I had a child who suffered from epilepsy — who couldn't grow physically or mentally because of seizures — and someone told me that a drug like [cannabidiol] existed, would I choose to role the dice?" he asked the Business Times rhetorically. "In the short haul, if I'm a parent and I see that this child could have close to a normal life with this drug ... I'm gonna say yes, I'm definitely going to roll the dice."  1/25/16

2021: Expands the Medical Marijuana Act, HB 1024
2014: The Medical Marijuana Act, SB 1182
Contact Wayne Fontana

Email: fontana@pasenate.com

Web: http://www.senatorfontana.com

Phone: 717-787-5300


543 Main Capitol Senate Box 203042

Harrisburg, PA 17120-3042

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