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C+ Phil Scott (R - VT)

Governor Scott supports the depenalization of marijuana use. He has also expressed hesitation in regulating commercial marijuana sale in the state.

Holds office Governor

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Governor Scott signed legislation in 2018 depenalizing minor marijuana possession and cultivation activities, but in 2019 he expressed opposition toward legislative efforts to expand the law to regulate commercial activities. While some lawmakers seeking to enact retail licensing legislation in 2020 have predicted that they may need to override the Governor’s veto in order to enact the new law, others have expressed beliefs that the Governor has softened his stance on the issue. (Link)


“This has been a top priority for the majority in the Legislature for four years, but their work is not complete. They must ensure equity in this new policy and prevent their priority from becoming a public health problem for current and future generations. For these reasons, I am allowing this bill to become law without my signature,” concluded Governor Scott.  10/7/20

“In terms of the pot bill, I haven’t made up my mind about that. I have received a lot of groups—racial equity groups—that are asking me to veto it,” Scott said. “I was leaning towards letting it go, but I’m really questioning that at this point. I want to hear and listen from them.”

@PhilScott4VT says Vermont isn't ready for a legal market yet, pledges to veto any bill unless there's a reliable roadside test. (10/24/18

Governor Scott is the first Governor to sign legislation passed by both chambers depenalizing the possession and use of marijuana by adults. He acknowledged doing so with "mixed emotions." (1/22/18

In regard to the legislation to legalize the personal possession and home cultivation of marijuana, Govenor Scott said "It's not a high priority for me, but I did make a commitment that I was supportive of the bill that was put together" (12/1/17)

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