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As secretary of state after California’s 2016 vote to legalize recreational marijuana, Padilla helped implement legalization by licensing cannabis businesses and creating an online portal to help migrate the state’s legacy medical cannabis companies into the new regulation area. To promote that service, Padilla appeared in a public service announcement with comedian Cheech Marin.

As state senator, Padilla voted to support employment protections for medical cannabis patients and opposed DEA raids on cannabis companies. Padilla has expressed support for the federal MORE Act.

In 2021, Padilla filed an amendment that would allow veterans to access medical cannabis through the VA system in states where it is legal and require the VA to research the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis for certain conditions. 

In May 2022, Padilla joined a bipartisan effort requesting that congressional leadership include the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act of 2021, which would allow state-legal cannabis business to access banking services, in the final version of competitiveness legislation currently being negotiated between the House and Senate.


Holds office U.S. Senate

Sponsored Legislation

Defense Bill Amendment- Legalization of Medical Cannabis for Military Veterans 2021

SAFE Banking Act

Co-sponsored Legislation

S.910- SAFE Banking Act of 2021


"The SAFE Banking Act gives legal cannabis businesses equal access to banking services. I proudly stand with my colleagues in calling for this legislation to be taken up in the Senate." (05/17/22)

"With legalized cannabis growing in states across the country, it is essential that the businesses that support this budding industry be provided the back-end support needed to thrive and survive, and that includes access to banking services.” (03/27/21)

2013: Exempts Certain Medical Marijuana Collectives and Cooperatives from Prosecution, SB 439
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