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C John Bel Edwards (D - LA) MEDICAL USE
Position on Marijuana Legalization

Governor Bel Edwards remains opposed to legalizing and regulating activities specific to the adult use of marijuana. (Link)

Position on Medical Marijuana

In 2019, Governor Bel Edwards also signed into law House Bill 358, which for the first-time allows patients to obtain herbal formulations of medical cannabis. (Link)

Supports medical but not recreational https://www.nola.com/news/article_9bad21a5-a85e-5b0a-86ce-7d949aa60e35.html

2022: Provides Relative to Penalties for Possession of Marijuana for People Under the Age of 18, HB 700
2022: Authorizes Certain Nurse Practitioners to Recommend Medical Marijuana to Patients, HB 190
2022: Provides Relative to Immunity From Prosecution for Medical Marijuana, HB 137
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Email: john@JohnBelForLouisiana.com

Web: https://johnbelforlouisiana.com/

Phone: 225-435-9808


Post Office Box 1115

Amite, LA 70422

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