Politician Info

Holds office State House District 97


Born February 11, 1951, Houston, TX

Two children Erin and Evan

Church of Christ

Retired Teacher, Bolton High School

B.A. with honors, Memphis State University

M.A.T., University of Memphis

Member, House Finance, Ways and Means Committee

Member, House Finance, Ways and Means Subcommittee

Member, House Criminal Justice Committee

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization


Voted IN FAVOR of stripping Memphis and Nashville of Decrim.Votes “Aye” on HB0173/SB0173

As enacted, clarifies thatstate law preempts local government enactments with respect to the regulationof and appropriate sanctions for conduct involving drugs and other similarsubstances. 

Position on Medical Marijuana

Voted to move the Medical Cannabis Only Act forward after it was gutted supporting its passage in the House Criminal Justice Committee before the bill was pulled Tuesday, April 3, by its Senate sponsor, Democratic state Sen. Steve Dickerson of Nashville.

Republican Rep. Jim Coley of Bartlett had voted in favor of legislation that would have decriminalized possession of medical marijuana in the form of capsules, patches, ointments, lotions and oils to treat about 15 debilitating diseases such as AIDS, cancer and even arthritis. 

Under the decriminalization measure, people would have had to obtain a doctor’s permission from a state where medical marijuana is legal and obtain it elsewhere as well. The bill no longer called for a state commission to oversee the growing, processing, dispensing and transport of medical marijuana, after the bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Jeremy Faison, abruptly amended the measure March 21.



Coley, meanwhile, indicated his support when he asked officials from the Tennessee Department of Health about conflicting medical studies on the benefits of medical cannabis in contrast to anecdotal evidence supporting it. Health Department officials said Tennessee shouldn’t give up on the federal system for approving drugs.

“A friend of mine wanted me to vote for this bill because her grandchild has seizures,” Coley said.


Contact Jim Coley

Web: http://www.legislature.state.tn.us/house/members/h97.html

Phone: 615-741-8201


425 5th Avenue North Suite 652 Cordell Hull Building

Nashville, TN 37243

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