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A Bill Wielechowski (D - AK) LEGALIZE, TAX, AND REGULATE

Holds office State Senate District K


“Are you regulating marijuana like alcohol when you treat it as a controlled substance?” asked Wielechowski. “No. Clearly not.” (3/25/15)

Wielechowski called placing marijuana back on the controlled substances list a "slippery slope of philosophy," saying that if marijuana is viewed as a controlled substance, and thus a dangerous substance, then legislation is crafted with a different mindset. (3/11/15)

Sen. Bill Wielechowski, D-Anchorage, said that because marijuana can be medicinal, it might not be appropriate to apply all of the alcohol prohibitions to marijuana. He also said the penalties for youth possessing marijuana may need to be reviewed. (2/9/15)

2018: Industrial Hemp Product.;cannabidiol Oil, AK SB 6
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