Politician Info
? G. A. Hardaway (D - TN)

Holds office State House District 93

Candidate in race for State House District 93 on Thursday, August 1, 2024

Sponsored Legislation

HB0982 - As enacted, protects a person's statement regarding the use or possession of marijuana to certain licensed health providers that was made in the course or scope of the person's medical care for the purpose of obtaining medical advice on possible adverse effects of marijuana use in combination with other medications or medical treatment from being admissible as evidence in any criminal trial, hearing, or proceeding in which the person is a defendant; authorizes the person to expressly waive such protection.

HB0514 - As enacted, revises law requiring the governor to appoint three members to the medical cannabis commission, such that at least one member must be a patient who has been diagnosed with a qualifying medical disease or condition and who can establish the diagnosis for purposes of appointment to and service on the commission with a valid letter of attestation.

Contact G. A. Hardaway

Email: gahardawaystaterep@yahoo.com

Web: http://www.legislature.state.tn.us/house/members/h93.html

Phone: 615-741-5625


425 John Lewis Way North Suite 404 Cordell Hull Building

Nashville, TN 37243

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