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B- Tom Lackey (R - CA) MEDICAL USE

Ex-CHP officer and leading Republican co-sponsor of legislation to legally regulate cannabis.  Supports lower cannabis taxes, but strong enforcement.

Holds office State Assembly District 34

Position on Medical Marijuana

Asm. Lackey says he appreciates the medical value of marijuana from personal experience with relatives.

Sponsored Legislation

Asm. Lackey was the leading Republican co-sponsor of MMRSA, the state's first legislation to legally license medical marijuana sales.

An opponent of high taxes, Asm. Lackey co-sponsored AB 3157, a bill to temporarily reduce Prop. 64's taxes on legal marijuana so as to discourage black-market competition.

 A former CHP officer, Asm. Lackey has expressed concern about cannabis DUIs.  He sponsored a bill to authorize use of oral fluid testing for drivers, a scientifically unproven technology, which was rejected with NORML's opposition. 

AB 2188 (Quirk - 2022) - employment rights to use cannabis off-the-job
SB 1186 (Wiener - 2022) - require local governments to permit medical cannabis sales or delivery
SB 1326 (Caballero - 2022) - interstate commerce agreements
AB 2595 (Jones-Sawyer - 2022) - child protection allowance for cannabis
AB 1793 (Bonta) - automatically resentence past marijuana convictions
AB 2020 (Quirk) - broaden sites for cannabis events
AB 2215 (Kalra) - allow veterinarians to discuss cannabis for pets
SB 829 (Weiner) - protect compassion programs for indigent patients
SB 1127 (Hill) - allow students to receive cannabis medicines at school
AJR 27 (Low) - ask the DOJ to allow cannabusinesses in California
Contact Tom Lackey

Email: info@lackeyforassembly.com

Web: https://lackeyforassembly.com/

Phone: 916-319-2034


P.O. Box 942849

Sacramento, CA 94249

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