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A+ Dominick Ruggerio (D - RI) LEGALIZE, TAX, AND REGULATE

Holds office State Senate District 4

Candidate in race for State Senate District 4


Senate Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio, a North Providence Democrat, has signed on as co-sponsor of a bill to treat marijuana like alcohol by legalizing, regulating and taxing it.

β€œIt is an important conversation to have,” Ruggerio said in a statement. β€œI have listened to the debate regarding legalization of marijuana over the years and watched the experience in states such as Colorado,” which legalized the commercial sale of the drug. 2/23/16 Link

Contact Dominick Ruggerio

Email: sen-ruggerio@rilegislature.gov

Web: http://www.rilin.state.ri.us/senators/ruggerio/default.aspx

Phone: 401-222-6655


Rhode Island State Senate 82 Smith Street

Providence, RI 02903

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