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F Mike Rounds (R - SD)

Senator Rounds is against the legalization of marijuana use. He beleives it is a "gateway drug" and believes South Dakota has enough of those already. He seems to have issues of morality with the drug, which are not rooted in scientific evidence.

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"I just don't think that we should be, at this stage of the game, doing things that allow for the proliferation of businesses that market cannabis in the United States,I don't see a positive to that." (9/27/23)

“I certainly will not be supporting a plan to decriminalize marijuana. I don’t’ think it’s the right thing to do. I think it sends the wrong message to our youth. We have enough problems with gateway drugs the way that it is right now.”  (7/16/21)

Marijuana: Do you support efforts to decriminalize and/or legalize marijuana?
Rounds: No

They also asked about marijuana legalization and drug testing for those receiving welfare. Rounds responded, "I do not want to see marijuana legalized. I think it is a Pandora's box."

Pioneer: Is it time for marijuana to be legalized, either recreationally or medically?

Rounds: "I think that the chemicals found within marijuana ... should be due deference given in a medical sense, but I do not think marijuana by itself should be approved for medical purposes because we find right now that there are people coming in and they're saying, �I've got a backache,' and now the doctor is simply pressured to allow them to do so. Marijuana is a controlled substance for a reason. We know that with young people there are significant issues surrounding brain development when it comes to the use of marijuana. No, I don't think it's time to make marijuana usable for medical purposes, but I do think the chemistry within it should be refined and the active ingredients should be made available where the Food and Drug Administration says that they can appropriately regulate it and distribute it. So the part that is good for some of these kids, I think it should be made available for them in its refined form, not as a joint."

Pioneer: What about the states that do have it available for recreational use? Should those businesses have access to federally-insured banks?

Rounds: "No. Not at this point. I think the decision that they've made in those states is a mistake. I think we have a federal law on the books that is pretty clear. Just because this administration has chosen not to enforce the law does not mean that the law is not a valid law. If they want to come to Congress and change the law, that's a different deal. But I haven't seen that yet ... so far this administration has decided they aren't going to enforce that law and I think that's a mistake."

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