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D- Joe Manchin (D - WV)

Senator Manchin opposes the legalization of marijuana, and has made comments to the media that he is wary of medical marijuana programs as well. Manchin has suggested that he is open to changing his stance on the drug, pending further research and constituent desires. 

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Senator Manchin when asked about marijuana legalization:

In the past, you've talked about marijuana as a gateway drug. Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems ready to take a more aggressive approach toward enforcing laws on recreational marijuana. Do you agree with that?

I did four town hall meetings last week. I go to the treatment centers. I talk to the addicts. I always ask, "How did you get started?" Most told me they started out with recreational marijuana. Legalizing recreational marijuana is something I have not been able to accept or support.

What about medical marijuana? What about commercial cannabis? These are things I don't know much about. But I'm interested in learning and finding out more. That's what I'm doing now.

Senator Joe Manchin said it should be up to those who treat patients to make that decision. "I would lean more to listen to the doctors - the professionals who are responsible for our health."

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