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A Jeff Irwin (D - MI) MEDICAL USE

Holds office State Senate District 15

Sponsored Legislation

Sponsor of SB 416, to automatically expunge low-level marijuana convictions (2019)

Co-sponsored Legislation

HB 4210 - Authorizes Edible Medical Marijuana Products of 2015


“Automatic expungement for all of our lowest-level cannabis offenders allows people to move on with their lives and making it automatic is essential because many people can’t afford an attorney, or the legal fees associated with an application,” Sen. Irwin said. “Cannabis is now legal in Michigan and petty offenses in the past should be no barrier to getting back to work or school.”

“This is the next step in ending the unsuccessful prohibition of marijuana that incarcerated and punished Michigan residents unfairly for decades,” Sen. Irwin said. “After last year’s mandate from voters, I am hopeful that a majority of legislators will vote to give Michigan residents back the opportunities that were unjustly taken from them.”


2021: Authorizes Convicts of Marijuana Misdemeanors to Apply for Medical Licenses, HB 4295
2020: Authorizes Convicts of Marijuana Misdemeanors to Apply for Expungement, HB 4982
Contact Jeff Irwin

Email: senjirwin@senate.michigan.gov

Web: https://senatedems.com/irwin/

Phone: 517-373-2406


5100 Binsfeld Building Post Office Box 30036

Lansing, MI 48909-7536

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