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"I successfully sponsored SB 788 - a bill that transfers authority for operating the Medical Cannabis Program from the Board of Pharmacy to the Cannabis Control Authority, and; I was a conferee on SB 903 - a bill that regulates THC in hemp products and includes requirements for packaging, labeling, testing and penalties. Both of these pieces of legislation are now law and represent some progress with respect to managing the medical cannabis market and controlling for THC content in hemp products. I chair the Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee, the committee that oversees Cannabis legislation in the Virginia General Assembly. Although efforts were made to forge a recreational retail market for marijuana, Governor Youngkin is adamantly opposed to establishing such a market, so such efforts always find defeat in the Republican controlled House of Delegates." (Candidate Survey Response)

Holds office State Senate District 40

Position on Marijuana Legalization

"I have publicly supported several pieces of legislation that would have established a retail market for adult use marijuana and guided these proposal through the Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee. However, the most comprehensive bill, a bill patroned by, Senator Ebbin in 2021 delayed the opening of an adult retail market until January 2024. In the 2021 session, Democrats controlled both chambers in the General Assembly and the Governorship. In November 2021, Glenn Youngkin won his gubernatorial race and the Houses of Delegates flipped to Republican control. We are informed on a daily basis that Governor Youngkin is adamantly opposed to the establishment of a retail market for marijuana." (Candidate Survey Response)

"I am a strong proponent of a policy to automatically expunge the records of individuals convicted of non-violent marijuana possession charges." (Candidate Survey Response)

Position on Medical Marijuana

"I support an expansion of medical cannabis opportunities in the Commonwealth. However, certain criteria need to be established to ensure that expansion opportunities will actually serve the under-served portions of the state. There is also a debate among stakeholders regarding who would be eligible for additional medical cannabis licenses--those operations that are already established but could create satellite dispensaries or new operations. I believe a prudent course of action would be a combination of both." (Candidate Survey Response)

Sponsored Legislation

SB40 Marijuana reduced penalties for distribution or possession with intent to distribute


Co-sponsored Legislation

HB5058 Prohibits Search and Seizure Based Solely on the Odor of Marijuana 

SB5029 Prohibits Search and Seizure Based Solely on the Odor of Marijuana

SB391 Cannabis Legalization Retail Sales
SB1406 Cannabis Legalization
HB2312 Cannabis Legalization

SB5029 Eliminate Traffic Stops Based On Marijuana Odor


HB 5058 Eliminate Traffic Stops Based On Marijuana Odor

SB2 Decriminalization
HB972 Decriminalization
SB1015 Medical Cannabis Legalization
SB1333 Medical Flower
HB2218 Medical Flower
HB1862 Employee Protections for Medical Cannabis
HB1988 Medical Cannabis Program Improvement
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