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A Tom McClintock (R - CA)

A hard-core small-government conservative, McClintock has taken a libertarian line on marijuana laws.  A leading House Republican supporter of cannabis reform, he co-sponsored an amendment to stop DOJ from interfering in state adult-use legalization laws.

Holds office U.S. House District 4

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Voted for Prop 64.  

Position on Medical Marijuana
When campaigning for Governor in 2006, McClintock made a point of promising to enforce California's medical marijuana law.  
Sponsored Legislation

Sponsored 2019 McClintock-Bluemenauer-Norton Amendment to bar DOJ from spending funds to interfere in state adult-use legalization laws - APPROVED by House, 267-165

Sponsored 2015 McClintock-Polis Amendment to bar DOJ from spending funds to interfere in state adult-use legalization laws (the amendment was narrowly defeated 206-222).



"If the pot is grown in California, marketed in California, sold in California and consumed in California...that is California's business and not the federal government's. I've been very disappointed that Jeff Sessions has not taken a more Constitutional approach to the issue."

"I abhor the use of marijuana, and believe we should do everything we can through education and persuasion to discourage its use. But our current laws have failed us, and have created a violent and criminal black market that actively and aggressively markets to young people. Legalization takes the criminal profit out of the equation, and allows us to regulate marijuana the same way we currently regulate alcohol. This should make it more difficult for minors to obtain marijuana; it should remove illegal cultivation from our neighborhoods and forests and move it to normal agricultural operations; and it should replace the criminal gangs that traffic marijuana with law-abiding farmers and shopkeepers."

"This amendment is NOT an endorsement of marijuana. I've never used it; my wife and I raised our children never to use it. And I believe local schools should assure that every American is aware of the risks and dangers that it poses. This amendment addresses a larger question: whether the Federal government has the constitutional authority to dictate a policy to states on matters that occur strictly within their own borders. I believe that it does not. And even if it does, I believe that it should not."

2020: Blumenauer/McClintock Amendment to Protect Legalization
2019: MORE Act Judiciary Committee Vote
2019: The SAFE Banking Act, HR 1595
2019: Blumenauer/McClintock/Norton Amendment to Protect Legalization
2016: Veterans Equal Access Amendment
2015: Rohrabacher/Farr Amendment to Protect Medical
2015: McClintock/Polis Amendment to Protect Legalization
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Email: https://mcclintock.house.gov/contact/email-me

Web: http://mcclintock.house.gov

Phone: 202-225-2511


2312 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

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