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Rep. Tittl was a sponsor of the 2017 decriminalization measure and is a sponsor of the 2019-20 Republican bill to create a medical marijuana program for Wisconsin.    Rep. Tittl was one of the first Republicans to publicly ask for a public hearing on medical marijuana in past sessions.   His continued efforts and willingness to work within his caucus to reform the marijuana laws earned Rep. Tittl a solid A-.

Unfortunately, he is not on the committee for medical marijuana legislation for this current session, if he was, maybe the legislation would not be stuck in committee, awiting a public hearing..........

Holds office State Assembly District 25

  • Born Delavan, Wisconsin, November 23, 1961; married; 2 children, 3 grandchildren.
  • Graduate Lincoln High (Manitowoc), 1980.
  • Owner, vacuum and sewing center.
  • Member: National Rifle Association; Eagles Manitowoc; Manitowoc County Home Builders Association.
  • Former member: Eagles Manitowoc; Manitowoc County Home Builders Association; Economic Development Corporation; Wastewater Treatment Facility Board; Manitowoc Crime Prevention Committee; Community Development Authority; Safety Traffic and Parking Commission; Wisconsin Utility Tax Association, 2009–13; WCA Taxation and Finance Steering Committee, 2010–13; WCA Judicial and Public Safety Steering Committee, 2010–13.
  • Manitowoc City Council, 2004–08 (president 2006–07); Manitowoc County Board of Supervisors, 2006–13 (chair 2010–12).
  • Elected to Assembly since 2012.
Position on Marijuana Legalization


Position on Marijuana Decriminalization

Sponsored bill in 2017.

Position on Medical Marijuana



Back in 2017: “It seems there is a numerous amount of people interested in passing medical marijuana in the State of Wisconsin,” Tittl said. “I think it is to the point where we should have the conversation — I’m not saying whether I am for it or against it — but I think more information does need to come out on both sides.

Contact Paul Tittl

Email: Rep.Tittl@legis.wisconsin.gov

Web: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/assembly/tittl/Pages/default.aspx

Phone: 608-266-0315


State Capitol, Room 219 North Post Office Box 8953

Madison, WI 53708

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